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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 51 (Preview)

The fortress of Xuan Kingdom has fallen. 


At that moment, the last stronghold of the country collapsed, and Xuan Kingdom could no longer be called Xuan Kingdom. 


And atop the land without an owner, a new king reigned. 


-From now on, this place shall be known as the White Flower Kingdom. 


The king of the True White Flower Kingdom, no, now the king of White Flower Kingdom, Choyeop, announced. 


The Xuan Kingdom is now the White Flower Kingdom, and to commemorate the establishment of the new country, a founding ceremony will be held. 


Soon after, the upcoming founding ceremony will be grandly conducted so that many countries and tribes can attend. 


The few remaining demons living in the Xuan Kingdom tried to flee after losing their country, but all were captured and met their end. At the same time, the soldiers of the True White Flower Kingdom, and now the soldiers of White Flower Kingdom, cheered. 


The soldiers of Gion, who fought with their lives on the line, were recognized for their merits and were awarded high official positions and lands to live on. 


The battlefield, immersed in sorrow, became the foundation for a new beginning in an instant. 


Everyone praised Gion, saying all this was possible because of Gion. 


Not long after the announcement, Gion began to write letters. 


Since it is a ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the new ‘White Flower Kingdom,’ everyone is asked to attend and celebrate. 

The letters written by Choyeop seemed to fly on the wind, quickly reaching all countries. 


Small and medium-sized countries, small tribes... 

Even to the White Flower Kingdom, where the Demon King resides. 


“Are you insane? Do you think the Demon King will just let this slide?”


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