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In a World without God Chapter 63

Thump, thump, thump

Soldiers in thick iron armor stomped their feet. The heavy sound echoed. It was the kingdom's heavy cavalry, a group selected from those who had proven their loyalty to Astania and had the strength and physique to do so. Their symbol is the heavy armor that repels both swords and magic. Mukaji, the leader of the heavy armor, shouted.

"Hear me, Kurzina Le Fay, the traitor whose rumors have disturbed the kindom and shattered the trust of His Majesty. Your crimes are grave, and your fate will be determined by the Astanian High Court. Until then, you will be held in the sturdiest prison in Astania. Surrender peacefully."

 At that moment, the lieutenant standing next to Mukaji spoke up in a small voice.

"Captain, this is strange. The building... how can this be?"


The grounds of the Fey family estate were known for their beauty— marble mansions, ivy-covered walls... But right now, there was nothing on the Fey family estate. Everything was rotting, rusting, and crumbling. As if hundreds of years had passed. The whole place smelled like a gutter. 

"Besides, those two with drawn swords... their attire is quite unusual. Shouldn't we arrest them as well?"

Then Mukaji said. "We, the glorious Legion, will faithfully obey His Majesty's orders. Did His Majesty give you any orders other than to capture Kurjina Le Fay?"


"None, but...."


"We only carry out His will. Is there anything more to say?"



Kurzina did not resist the Legion. Nor did she have the strength to resist. As Kurzina was bound by the rope, Murjana spoke to Edulis. 

"Edulis, didn't you say you needed the name of the head of the Fey family? Wouldn't it be better to kill all of these men?"


"Don’t. There must be an easier way." Edulis dismissed Murjana, and Kurzina was locked in her cell. 


 Night fell. Someone appeared in the prison where Kurjina was confined.



Kurzina looked at her— a face shrouded in a veil. A beautiful yet eerie smile, like a well-honed dagger.

"Hello, Kurzina. I'm here to help." It was Leaf. 

"No need...."

Before Kurzina could finish her sentence, Leaf gestured her hands and the shackles that bound Kurzina's hands and feet crunched and crumbled into sand. 

"...What do you want me to do?"


"I thought you might need this."

Leaf dropped something at Kurzina's feet. Kurzina stared at it in disbelief. A sharp blade that reflected the moonlight. A dagger. 

Kurzina looked from the dagger to Leaf's face. Leaf spoke. 

"Did I misunderstand? Didn't you need this?" Leaf's mouth dropped open in surprise. It was as if she were putting on a play.  "You know Kurzina, Edulis has forgiven you, he lied to save you from Murjana, and he's coming for you soon. Probably, he'll strike when you're being transferred to the court."

Kurzina tried not to listen to the words, but even so, Leaf's voice hovered in her ears like a winter chill.

"I've been thinking to myself, Kurzina, what you must be thinking right now. Rescued by Edulis, you’ll convince yourself that you need to live because Edulis saved your life, running away from what you've done, thinking that there's something you can do to help Edulis… But I don’t think you'd do that, Lady Kurzina because you're the kind of person who holds people accountable.

The color drained from Kurzina's face. 

'She's a witch's minion. I mustn't be fooled. But…'

"Do you really think you can be of help to Edulis? Do you truly believe that Edulis needs the name of the Fey family?"

Leaf’s voice held no magic. Leaf was not using enchantment like before, but Kurzina was drawn to the words nonetheless.

Her thoughts wandered for a long while before reaching a conclusion. Kurzina had to admit it. Leaf was right. Until just a moment ago, Kurzina had thought she should repay Edulis's mercy, and sacrifice her life for him. But what meaning would that hold? Could Kurzina really do anything for Edulis? Had she ever been of help? If anything Edulis was just risking danger to save her.

She remembered Murjana's words.

- You must kill her. Those who hide behind their faith, who run from it, who use it only when it suits them. They have no place in this world. As long as they are here, Edulis, you will never be happy. They are a hindrance.

'She's right.’

It wasn’t Leaf’s deception. The answer had always been in Kurzina's heart. She blushed as she confirmed her answer.

Was she trying to hide behind her faith again, throwing herself on Edulis' mercy to save her life? That's right. She didn't want to die and was making excuses for herself. Realizing the shamelessness within her, Kurzina shuddered.

‘I'm the one who's stopping Edulis from being happy.’  


"So, you don't need a dagger? If I'm mistaken, then I'll restore your shackles, and you can keep quiet until Edulis comes to rescue you...."

Before Leaf could finish her sentence, Kurzina grabbed the handle of the dagger. Leaf smirked, the corners of her mouth twitching upward. 


"I don't do things like Great Granadilla. It's just an ordinary dagger. Cheaply sold in the market. So… you will surely rest in peace."

Hearing that, Kurzina nodded. 

"I hope there are no others like me, or like you, in Lady Lutea's world."

Kurzina slit her throat.


As beautiful as a river of stars crossing the night sky, Murjana thought while gently stroking Edulis's silver hair. Edulis was sleeping uncomfortably in a kneeling position, his sword clutched in his hand. Murjana stared into Edulis's face— pale, with a hint of childlike innocence...


'It's a disgusting world. To burden this child with names like hero or murderer.'

She could see the dried blood in Edulis's hair, and wanting to wipe it away, Murjana moved away to soak a cloth in water.

As she approached the watercourse on the Fey estate, she heard a noise. A voice called out from behind her. 

“Lady Murjana."

Knowing it was Leaf's voice, Murjana swung her sword, but there was only an insubstantial black shadow.

"Lady Murjana, are you sure you're okay with this?"

Murjana did not answer. Black butterflies fluttered in her eyes, and a magick of poison and curse spread everywhere, but there was no sign of Leaf. However, Leaf's shadow on the floor never stopped speaking.


"Why do you think Edulis spared Kurzina's life? Do you really think he needs the Fey family name?"

Murjana said, stomping her foot on Leaf's shadow. 

"Shut up. I don't question what Edulis is doing. And I have no further business with you."


"Edulis stopped you and saved Kurzina's life because he likes Kurzina more than you."

At Leaf’s words, Murjana hesitated, and her swordplay stopped.

"Think about it, Murjana. Kurzina has spent her entire life following the goddess Lutea, but what about you, Murjana? Look at the waterway, Murjana, and see your reflection in it."

She didn't have to look, for she knew what she looked like now, what the black butterflies that landed on her cheeks and in her eyes meant.

"Lord Edulis's goal is the resurrection of the goddess Lutea, and how could he possibly like you now, Murjana? Edulis will one day kill you, Murjana."  

Murjana was lost in thought. Tens of thousands of maggots seemed to rise in her chest. Pushing through the unpleasant feeling, Murjana spoke as if to convince herself.

"Nonsense. Edulis accepted me, even when I was consumed by Akale. I will not abandon him, and he will not abandon me. Reveal yourself and face me, witch. I will chew out your heart and become Edulis's strength."

Then Leaf stepped out of the shadows and said. 

"Do you really think so? Suppose, Lady Murjana, if you, marked by the witch, kill Kurzina, a devotee of Lutea, will Edulis let you be?"

Murjana realized she couldn't answer yes to that question. Suddenly, the scene of Edulis killing Armillo flashed through her mind. 

"What do you think? Don't you want to check?"

With that, Leaf threw something at Murjana. 




Edulis woke up to a noise.

"Are you awake?"

Murjana asked while wiping Edulis's face with a damp cloth. Edulis felt a tingling sensation in his chest. He had an ominous feeling. The smell of dried blood and decaying flesh stung his nostrils. 

Edulis looked at the source of the smell. Something the size of a watermelon lay on the ground. His heart pounded. It didn't take him long to realize what it was, but why? Disheveled black hair, bloodless face...the only consolation was that the eyes were calmly closed. 

Edulis glared at Murjana's face, swallowed hard when he saw the smile on it and tightened his grip on his sword.

"What have you done, Muryana?" Edulis asked, and Murjana answered. 

"Come to think of it, we don't need Kurzina. If we need the name of House Fey, we can capture and threaten Vice Lord Raghad. There is no reason to spare Kurzina, who betrayed you and pointed a spear at you. She who has betrayed you once will betray you again."


Murjana nodded, then turned to face Edulis. She looked at Edulis's hand. Edulis's face was contorted and his hand that gripped the sword was clenched. Seeing this, Murjana thought.

‘Was Leaf right?’

Then her heart seemed to plummet. 

‘If so, then I have no choice.’

Murjana closed her eyes. She could hear Edulis grinding his teeth and she realized, Leaf was right, Edulis wanted Kurzina to live. 

'Edulis, I did it all for you. But you wished for Kurjina's survival, not mine.'

Her heart felt like it was melting and turning into a gooey mass of filth. Before that happens, she felt she’d rather be thrown into the open sea somewhere.

"Murjana," Edulis said, his voice like boiling water. He took Murjana's hand in his. Murjana opened her eyes and looked at Edulis. 


What emotion does his face hold? Anger, perhaps, or sadness? It doesn't look like anything good is going to come out of his mouth. 


Edulis does not raise his sword. Was he telling her to leave, to go far away? But for Murjana, that was as good as being told to die. There was no turning back now. There was no meaning in living if he wasn't by Edulis's side.


As she was thinking about it, Edulis said.

"Never leave my side again. Do not disappear from my sight. Do not move without telling me, not even when you go to fetch water, not even when you go to relieve yourself. If you do, I will not leave you alone."

Edulis's shoulders shook. He was staring at Murjana with eyes like blades. Muryana clamped her mouth shut and nodded.

Hidden in the shadows of the trees, Leaf watched the scene and scratched his head.

"Why? Why doesn't he kill her?"

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