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Magic is Far Fist is Near Chapter 16

Updated: Jan 12

The video showed Kyle's concise movements. The reason for the 'points' accumulating so quickly was simple. There were no unnecessary movements in overpowering his opponent; it was efficient yet destructive. 


Above all, what caught Zahar's attention was when Kyle first overpowered his opponent, Aldbert. The force was so great that it was in no way inferior to that of a first-class knight. It was clear that if it weren't for the armor prepared by Finelli, that single strike would have been fatal. 


Zahar, with an unreadable expression on his face, looked to the side. 


"Even disregarding the Chains, that's not a level of power a thirteen-year-old's body should be able to handle. Finelli. What's going on?" 


"How am I supposed to know-! But you asked the right person. I was curious about that too." 


Finelli's eyes sparkled as he focused on the screen. The 'Magic Engineering Receiver MK2' captured even the movements of supernatural forces, including mana and ki. His mana-engulfed eyes analyzed the flow within the screen. 


"This is amazing." 


His voice, now devoid of its usual playfulness, was serious. The 'Wizard of Andoria,' obsessed with strange phenomena, pressed his face close to the screen. Whether the gleam in his eyes was due to the brilliance of mana or madness was uncertain. 


"He raised his ki beyond the Chains to the point where his body was under strain. It's as if he's done this many times before and knows it well... this audacious behavior... what on earth! Even for a wizard, it would be difficult!! Of course, I could do it though!" 


"A training to break the Chains, is that it? Finelli, you know better than anyone that such foolishness could destroy the dantian. Or could it be that a wizard intervened? If it's Nava, it is out of our sight. It seems entirely possible." 


"Pffft- My Lord, you've missed the point!" 


An unpleasant laugh. Despite the seeming mockery in front of him, Zahar paid attention. His mind was focused on the basis of this extraordinary prowess that had never appeared before. 


"The Chains themselves are already perfected magic! If Andoria doesn't intervene, no one else can interfere! And you know this too, My Lord! Huhuhu. That explosive power, even if it were under a weaker restriction than the [Chains], no, even without any restrictions, it's not something that can be displayed!" 


Zahar nodded his head in agreement, a gesture that served as his response. He just wanted confirmation. That in the indirect branch he had overlooked, a child with exceptional qualities, superior to anyone else, had emerged. 


"Wasn't the reason we spent a fortune to change the liberation for this very purpose?!" 


This, too, was a valid point. Mere unfeeling combat could not awaken the blood of Lutentus. Zahar wished for his children to transcend their limits in unfamiliar environments and awaken as Lutentus.  


Moreover, he wanted to create a place where his dearly beloved and adorable daughter, April, could play to her heart's content. As a child who showed not just discomfort but hatred towards killing, she must have struggled to control her strength. He was eager to see what kind of performance she would show in this liberation. And then there was this guy, Kyle. 


"There was a reason for April's interest." 


Zahar hadn't missed April's fleeting glances at Kyle. He wondered what would happen when these two children, who were showing remarkable feats, clashed. A slight smile crept onto his lips. 


"Lavida must be watching these shining descendants from the heavens, right?! Ah, what a beautiful moment this is!!" 


Round eyes glanced slyly at Zahar. Simultaneously, Zahar's hand clutched Finelli's head. The face of Zahar, previously soaked in sentiment, had now turned cold. Finelli blinked rapidly. 


"Hey, hey! What are you doing?!" 


"Finelli. Don't cross the line. If I exert any more force, crushing your head would be effortless." 


"What?! All of a sudden?" 


"Do you really think Lutentus is a complete fool who knows nothing?" 


"What are you talking about..." 




The moment Zahar spoke, he fixed his gaze on Finelli's face. His face, appearing confused, was no different from moments ago, like a skilled clown wearing a mask. 


"Are you talking about that name erased from history! What does that have to do with me!" 


"Yes. Erased indeed. His body, too, couldn't be found anywhere on the battlefield. I also know that his disciple left for Andoria at the same time. What do you think this all means?" 


"I don't know anything about that! ...Are you suggesting that Lavida's disappearance was the work of Andoria? That's speculation! Wild speculation!" 


The endless advance towards the unknown. Lavida's journey didn't end even after annihilating Seleratus. However, that was the last trace left by Lavida, and where he met his death remained a mystery. For over a hundred years, Lutentus tirelessly pursued these traces and only now has managed to uncover a fragment of the truth. 


"Even if I reveal it, there would be nothing to discover." 


Finelli's eyes, filled with tears, somehow seemed to be laughing. The fact that he could be so calm in the face of death meant that he had already accepted death or that he was confident that he could survive. Zahar withdrew his killing intent and ruffled Finelli's hair, which had become a bird's nest. 


"*Kahat!* Just kidding. Finelli, even you get flustered. Did you really think I would be the one to ruin our decades-long business relationship?" 


At that moment, Finelli fidgeted with his hand hidden behind his back. In his palm, unbeknownst to Zahar, was a red 'demonic eye' that had manifested reflexively the moment he sensed the rising murderous intent. Finelli retorted with irritation. 


"Do you have any idea how many hours it took to do my hair! Be more careful in the future, please!! Things are a bit awkward between us now!" 


"Understood. I promise there won't be such an incident again." 


Zahar laughed. Finelli pouted and turned his head slightly. 


"You promised!!" 


The eye that had appeared on Pineli's palm blinked— 


And disappeared. 



Caw, caw! 


Like a scream, the cawing of a crow was the culprit that woke Kyle from his sleep. A strange bird from the crow family with two heads, known as 'Corus.' In the southern part of the continent, such bizarre cries are considered a symbol of good fortune by some. 


As soon as Kyle opened his eyes, he tidied up his disheveled hair from the night. Finding a stream nearby, he figured there would be no problem washing up. 


The scent of meat cooked overnight on the extinguished campfire tickled Kyle's nose. It was the remains of an uninvited guest last night, a tri-horned boar. For the other seeds who always lived in warm places, such an experience would be predictably unusual, but for Kyle, it was familiar. Now a distant memory, the process of butchering meat and cooking it to last for days had been routine. He had to survive alone in the desolate Sollent region. 


There was a makeshift bed next to the extinguished campfire where he had slept for the night. A crude sleeping spot made of gathered branches and covered with leaves. Yet, his body felt exceptionally refreshed.  


The fist-sized mosquitoes that swarmed all night couldn't penetrate the skin of Lutentus, and the physical strain from facing yesterday's participants had subsided. His body was not only robust but also had remarkable healing capabilities. However. 




He couldn't stop the ash carried by the wind. It clung to various parts of his coat, leaving white streaks. This would have been avoidable if he had used even low-level magic to build a house or make a hearth. The reason he endured this discomfort was up in the sky. 


"It seems there's no intention to clean it up until the end." 


At first, he mistook the energy that sat heavily around him for the vital essence of the forest. It was not uncommon for the air's energy to change due to an alien environment. He had thought it was an anomaly created by the discord between the perpetually winter-bound north and the Heaven-facing tree, which only grows in warm regions. 


Kyle glanced down at his bracelet, where the number '11' had appeared. 


Yesterday, when the liberation began. He had felt a suspicious presence drawing near from the time he had taken down about seven people. The energy felt from the air seemed to sweep over his body, and that's when he was certain: someone was watching this liberation.  


Though the magical phenomenon was likely Finelli, whoever it was, there was no need to reveal that he was a mana user. A sharp blade is most powerful when hidden in its sheath. 




Breaking the thin ice on the stream, Kyle submerged his coat in the water to wash it. The coat had already become cold and frozen when he took it out. 


Kyle stepped out of the water and slipped into his coat. At the same time, he released and agitated ki throughout his body. The heat generated from his body would dry the coat. 




The sound of an arrow slicing through the wind. It was a surprise attack aimed precisely at Kyle's head, but he simply tilted his head back to dodge it. This was the result of training he had undergone to overcome the vulnerability of mages to surprise attacks, combined with his excellent physical intuition. 


As Kyle's eyes fixed on the direction from which the arrow had come, a figure behind a tree stirred. 




A young girl with an innocent face stumbled backward. She was 'Siri,' a girl from the indirect branch. Kyle had no intention of hesitating against someone who had attempted an ambush. 


"I won't chase you, so go away." 


However, there were more pressing matters at hand. 


"Uh, I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you..." 


Watching Siri quickly run away, Kyle moved on. The vast forest and numerous obstacles meant he couldn't reach his destination in a day, even if he hurried. But his destination had been set since yesterday.  


The number' 11' he had collected was just a byproduct of his journey. Occasionally, a cold wind that stung the skin blew. He lightly ran towards the 'one direction' from where that wind came. 

At his destination, there would be a 'jackpot' worth more than all the points he had accumulated so far. 






He exhaled deeply, but no visible breath came out. 


'It's so cold.' 


Probably because he was frozen from the inside. Yet, it still wasn't at a level to pose a threat to himself. 


April stretched her lips into a smile. 


"They're all so weak." 


She counted the number of people who had collapsed in front of her. One, two... five. Including those collected by Lucidus' staff this morning, which made thirteen. Those who had their bracelet numbers taken lost consciousness and collapsed. This, too, was probably one of the designed features of the bracelet, ensuring that those who were eliminated couldn't influence the outcome. 


Since yesterday, April hadn't moved a step; all of them had come to her. 


Perhaps they were aiming for the honor of being the first from the frontier to defeat someone from the central. If so, it was even more laughable. They were all cowards, coming at her in groups. 


April gracefully sat on one of the 'seeds' who had attacked her. Her head tilted slightly to one side. 


"I'm bored. So bored, so bored." 


Since no one was watching, a little petulance like this should be fine. It was already the third year of liberation, but she couldn't find any excitement. 


When exactly would 'he' come? She had stayed right where she first landed, worried they might miss each other. 


"Yawn... huh!" 


Just as April was about to let out a lazy yawn, she quickly covered her mouth. From the other side of the forest, a figure swaying like a puppet was approaching rapidly. Unlike the ones who had been crawling through the bushes trying to ambush her, this one's boldness was on another level. 


Kyaa- Crazy, crazy! Why did he come now!! I've been waiting for so long!' 


She swallowed her true feelings and tidied up her disheveled hair. Ahem, she cleared her throat. The figure stopped its charge and walked towards her, wearing a coat as stiff as the day before. How much she had longed for his distinct, steady walk! Even if it was just for a day. 


Lost in admiration of his dashing figure, April realized he was already right before her. 


'Have you come?' 


"I missed you...!" 


Oops! Her inner thoughts slipped out, contrary to what she intended to say. She was always known for her cool and aloof image! 


As she covered her flushed cheeks, he tilted his head. 


"What are you doing?" 




April raised a hand to cover her reddened face and whispered softly. 


"Finally, you're here. I've been waiting till my neck was about to fall off... No, I wasn't waiting." 


"You must have lost your mind in the cold. But a promise is a promise. Let's have our duel." 


Worried she might blurt out something silly again, April just nodded her head. This was something she had been looking forward to as well. How different would he be from the other dull-witted ones? She rested her hand on her sword sheath and calmed her mind. 

Like broken pieces of ice, the honed coldness rippled around, and her excited emotions faded away. 


"But you might die. Don't hold a grudge." 




Kyle stepped back and spun his flail around. His stance was reminiscent of a fan Zahar had bought from Lucidus Company; he stood still. 


'Is this his way of giving me an advantage? How arrogant... hehe.' 


Suppressing the surge of emotions trying to rise again, April narrowed her eyes at Kyle, hidden behind thick lashes. 


"You must be confident you won't regret this?" 


"Those two behind you, you just took them down, didn't you? It eases my mind to give you the first move." 


"Hmph, what a show-off." 


"What did you say?" 


While his unexpectedly irritated reaction was quite endearing, she couldn't afford to be casual like she was with the other rabble. Having received such an audacious gesture of consideration, she was determined to show this arrogant, oblivious boy the true difference in their skills. 


April closed her eyes and focused on the flow of ki. 


Each person's ki has subtly different colors and qualities, but April's was distinctly different from others. The ki spreading throughout her body was cold, slow, and tranquil. No, it shouldn't even be called ki. It was colorless, shapeless, and formless. A will to freeze everything coursed through her dantian, passing her heart and moving towards her arm. She lowered her left hand holding the scabbard and slightly lifted the sword with her thumb. Then, with her right hand, she executed a swift sword draw. 




The sword energy was so powerful that even a second-class knight could not hope to match it. 


The thick cold air that emanated from the sword left a white trail on the ground as it headed towards Kyle. The air was filled with cold, so thick that it felt like you could suffocate. The cold air, which was slowly but inevitably swelling, headed towards Kyle. 






No matter how much ki was wrapped around it, it should have frozen and stopped. But the flail was still spinning, even with the coldness in it. The coldness that should have reached Kyle through stopped there. 




The cold was so intense that it could even freeze fire. April didn't have time to figure out what was happening before Kyle kicked off the ground and ran towards her. April thrust her sword, but Kyle leaned his body to dodge it, supporting himself on one foot. 


“Hurry up······!” 


Kyle, who was now close enough to reach her, swung his club. The club came up from below, headed for April's body, and April reflexively raised her sword to block it. 




The metal rang out, and the iron bar on the flail spun around, aiming for her head. April ducked quickly to dodge it, then kicked out. 




Her foot, which had aimed for Kyle's groin, hit the flail. As she was about to take a step back. 




Kyle placed his outstretched hand on her head. Strangely, a warm feeling emanated from it. At that moment, he knew why the cold hadn't reached her. 


An endless stream of warmth, the polar opposite of the cold, was flowing from his hand. 


She could feel a heartbeat that she couldn't tell if it was hers or his. The cold that had filled her body subsided. Kyle's face, which had come close, was now very near. 


"What, what is this······?" 


April's body relaxed and leaned back, and Kyle's hand supported her back. 




A strange sound that didn't belong in this moment. April looked up. Kyle was smiling as he looked down at his bracelet. 


"Wow, you collected a lot. Good job." 


“······Really? Hey, this······ ugh.” 


Finally, April's bracelet lost its light. April fainted and fell to the ground. 

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