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Magic is Far Fist is Near Chapter 18

Updated: Jan 16

Kyle was taking off the coat of the second-class knight who had attacked him. The minor wounds he had received from fighting April had healed quickly, but his clothes were too torn to wear. 




The second-class knight was a big guy, so the coat was quite oversized. He didn't like the plain, one-color design, which didn't fit him well, but he accepted it anyway. As he was putting the tattered coat on the second-class knight, he felt an artificial vibration. His sensitive hearing and intuition recognized it immediately. But that made it even harder to believe. 


"A golem, huh." 


A golem, a magical engineering weapon created by a magician named Goliath, who used to be a doll maker. It was quite effective in the early days of monster hunting. However, it was eventually replaced by talented knights. It is said that the golems that remained in the tower were all disposed of. 


Now, when monsters are not even appearing, it is strange to see a golem here. It is impossible to think that it is here with purely good intentions. 


Kyle released the energy he had gathered throughout his body. He sensed the wind resistance to the golem's location and visualized the fastest wind in his mind. The energy was released from his body and swirled around him at the same time. This is called [Whirlwind] in terms of magic. The feeling of his feet bouncing off the ground, thunk, thunk, was exhilarating, and he ran off. 




The wind whipped around the peak, but the center was calm and still as if there was no air resistance. 


It was a cheetah sprinting across the desert. 






A deafening roar rang out as the golem's fist stopped at the flail that Kyle thrust at it. To put it more simply, the attack that was meant to break it barely stopped the fist. Even considering that he was not in proper stance due to rushing over, it is possible that the other participants would have had their bodies crushed by this blow. 


'This is no kid's game.' 


Kyle's heart began to stir. The person who released the golem here must have known what would happen. That person knew that the forest would be destroyed and innocent people would be killed. 


The person or group who ordered this is probably related to the Tabas family. Miles is the evidence. The golem didn't even look at Miles, who was right next to him. It was like the golem only saw Kyle and Molson. Miles seemed to know something, but he couldn't have been the one who did it. If he was, he wouldn't be here. The most suspicious person is Han-ya. But Kyle couldn't figure out why he did it. 


"What's the point of killing innocent people?" 


Whatever it is, it's something he can't understand. If Kyle had been just a regular Lutentus, he would have died here. 


"I won't let them get away with this." 


"Even if it was just an attempt, if the act was done with malicious intent, it's the same as actually doing it." Kyle thought this as he swung his flail. 




This time, the flail managed to push back the golem's fist, thanks to Kyle's strong stance. The golem's arm rose again, and Kyle stepped back to avoid it. 


Molson, who had passed out and fallen to the ground, was right next to him. He couldn't fight the golem while also worrying about someone else. 




The golem's fist left a deep crater in the ground when it landed. Kyle quickly picked up Molson and retreated. 




The golem roared in anger and started swinging its fists wildly. Boom! Boom! Boom! Each punch was powerful enough to crush a human body. Kyle dodged the punches he could and blocked the ones he couldn't with his flail. But because he had to block with only one hand, he was pushed back. 


'This isn't going to work.' 


He glanced down. Molson was breathing shallowly with his eyes closed. His shoulder looked like it was out of place, but he didn't seem to have any other injuries. If he was just unconscious, then this was the only thing he could do. 






Molson stirred, squinting his eyes. He seemed to be rubbing his cheek. Meanwhile, the golem kept targeting Kyle. Kyle slapped Molson's soft cheek again, this time with a little more force. 




Molson opened his eyes wide in pain. 


“Owwww······? Kyle? You!" 


"There's no time to panic, Molson. We're fighting a golem." 


"What? What?" 


The golem fired a ball of mud at Kyle, who jumped into the air to avoid it. The sound of the mud hitting the ground was so loud it sounded like a bomb. Molson looked around, his face filled with fear. 




Kyle used the golem's outstretched fist to launch himself into the air, then quickly dropped to the ground. Molson, looking confused and scared, said, 


"That thing······ it's crazy! Kyle, Kyle! We have to get out of here!" 


It seemed like he was still half asleep. Kyle didn't like violence, but this wasn't the time to be polite. 




"Wake up. You'll die if you don't." 




Molson finally broke out of Kyle's arms and stood beside him, biting his lip. 


"Kyle······ if you're not going to run, I'll fight too." 


His resolve was admirable, but Kyle knew he couldn't expect much help. He shook his head. 


"There are people nearby. Your job is to get them to safety." 


"People? Oh!" 


Luckily, the boy was good at sensing things, so he quickly understood. There were people foolishly coming here. They were in a hurry, too. And something with a tremendous aura was gathering from a little further away. 


“You too······.” 


The golem's fist interrupted him, and Kyle pushed Molson's back, giving it a little shove but with some force. 




When the fist hit, the ground between Molson and Kyle cracked open. Now Molson would understand. That it wasn't just a matter of running away or not. 


"Kyle······ I can trust you. I'll round up some people and come back soon." 


"Go ahead and run." 


Molson ran away without looking back. The golem watched him go, then closed its mouth. A faint light appeared, and the air around it swirled with dirt. 


'So that's how it fired the mud?' 


The golem's body is built like a human's. Kyle thrust his flail with all his might at the golem's center. As the golem spit out mud, its back bent, significantly reducing the range of the mud. The mud ball fell far short of Molson. Even though the golem bent over, its head was still higher than Kyle's. Just high enough to hit. 




The golem's head dented with a sharp sound, and the empty space was quickly filled with mud. 


"Of course, a tin can is noisy. Can't you see what's right in front of you?" 


He didn't think he would understand, but the golem looked down. 


Kyle felt his hair stand on end as the massive body, twice his height and five times his size, pressed down on him. But that was just his body's reaction to something it wasn't used to. Yuriel hadn't lived a life so easy that he would be afraid of something like this. 


"I understand. Your master must be a fool, or he wouldn't have created something like you." 


The golem's face was expressionless, but it started to attack more fiercely as if it were angry. Its punches were simple and straightforward, falling from above. Kyle no longer dodged. The golem's clumsy movements left it vulnerable, but Kyle didn't take any risks. He simply swung his flail at the golem's fists. The metal sometimes sparked as it struck the hard surface. Kyle smiled a little. 


'This is a great experimental subject!' 


Yuriel had a paper that he had finished but never published. 


[The Magical Manifestation of Ki] 


This is the act of using the 'ki' manifested within the body to manifest magic. It may seem similar to the [Whirlwind] magic he used to run here, but there is a difference. It is simply a copy of the principle of the [Whirlwind] magic, and it cannot affect things that happen outside of the body. For example, in the case of 'sword ki,' it is not about putting ki on the sword but about giving the sword itself a specific property. 


Only a chief mage tower researcher would have the magical knowledge, and a knight would have the ki control to do this. However, it had no practical use. Ordinary people would never be able to achieve either of these things, and even a genius would have a hard time doing both at the same time. 


"If I wasn't the person I am now, that wouldn't be possible." 


The knowledge from his past life and the body he was born with as a Lutentus. This is literally a gift from the gods. And now is an excellent opportunity to prove his theory. 


The golem's body is truly magical. The core of it is probably the 'magic core' somewhere in the body, but even the mud gathered from the surroundings has been transformed by the magic core. It's not just mud anymore. 


Magical things can only be damaged by something that is much stronger than them, either in terms of power or magic. This is also why a fire lit by magic cannot be extinguished by water from a well. 


Bang, crack- boom, bang! 


The fist hit the flail several times, and mud dripped from the broken fist. Kyle continued the "experiment" while carefully controlling his strength, lest the test subject break. After all, even endless regeneration has its "limits." 


'Is this not enough?' 


The key to this experiment is how much ki to inject into the "object" to make it manifest. Kyle gradually increased the amount of ki he injected into the flail, but it still didn't seem to work. 




This time, it was quite powerful, and the golem took a step back. Of course, it wasn't running away. It seemed to be preparing for a powerful blow by turning its waist around 360 degrees. Kyle nodded. It was time. 


After several injections and friction with the golem's fist, the flail was sufficiently heated up. As long as it didn't come into contact with blood, it was just like ordinary metal. Kyle gathered enough ki from his dantian. 


Beep- beep- beep- 


The Chains, which had been activated, sent out a hot alarm, and the bracelet rang non-stop, trying to break the spell. Kyle ignored the warnings. 


"How did I get this chance?" 


He was determined to throw everything he had at it. It would be meaningless if it didn't manifest magically with the amount of ki he could use now. The flail, which was hit by ki at random, showed no outward change. But inside, the hot heat and ki must be colliding countless times. 


The burning magic [Flame] was forged and manifested through the ki injected into the flail. The flail first made a bubbling sound. It turned bright red, but it didn't burn. It emitted heat that made the surroundings ripple, but it did not affect the 'manifester'. Kyle felt his heart pounding. With the mind of a mountaineer looking at the summit. 


"I'm ready. What's the holdup?" 


The golem continued to turn its waist. It had turned about 1080 degrees by now. It stopped abruptly. The situation was quite awkward, the two of them facing each other and gathering their strength. Finally, the golem spun like a top and extended its arm. 




The golem's punch was so powerful that it sounded like a cannon going off. Kyle swung his flail, and the chain and iron bar attached to the shaft turned black, then red, and finally burst into flames. The flames were fueled by ki, and if Kyle's prediction was correct, they would be able to dissolve the golem's mud body. 


The punch and the flames collided, and a blinding white light erupted from the point of impact. 


There was no loud explosion or even a slight jolt. It was just silence. 

As the flames died down, they dissolved the golem's mud fist, then its arm, then its shoulder, and finally its head. Kyle smiled faintly as he watched the magic dissolve the magic. 


"Farewell. You were a very useful experiment." 


With this, his theory was "proven" and it was now clear that it would work in combat. 


Crackle- Crackle-! 


The golem's moist body dried up instantly and turned to dust. Among the ruins, there was a kukri, presumably Miley's weapon, and a large, red orb, the magic core. 


The magic core was still writhing and absorbing the mud nearby. It must be the source of its tough and outstanding vitality. It was a valuable and versatile loot. 


"It's a shame, but..." 


However, I can't carry something that big. I can't hide it somewhere because there are people around. It's better to destroy it than to have to deal with it again, becoming a golem. 




Kyle swung his flail and pierced the magic core. 


Clang! Clang! 


The halberd finally shrank due to the blood that had gotten on his hands, and he kicked it down. He kicked it until the movement finally stopped. All the mud stuck to his coat, which had been changed less than half a day ago, fell off. 




Molson's voice rang out. 


“······You really are something. What kind of guy are you? I couldn't help but admire you." 




When he raised his head, he saw Gilliam standing behind him, shrinking back, and Breta staring blankly. They must have been watching. On the other side of the forest, people who had gathered due to the commotion were bustling about. 


"It's done now. I've taken care of it so that it can't move again. Don't worry." 




Molson, looking crestfallen like a drowned dog, walked over slowly. At that moment. 


Clang, clang, clang! 


The forest shook with a tremor. With each sound, they felt the distance closing in an instant. In terms of threat, it was nothing compared to the golem they had just faced. Molson turned pale and turned his head. Gilliam gripped his bow, and Breta raised his shoulders and puffed up his body. 


But only Kyle calmly looked to the other side. He knew who the owner of this unpleasant ringing that cut off once in a while was. 


Clang, clang, clang! 


It fell from the sky. A hemisphere with a radius of over 10 meters was created. The man who raised his head finally had a ferocious face that even the devil would run away from. 


Zahar, the yellow aura he was emitting, was billowing and savage as if it could cut flesh. 


Zahar stared at Kyle. Without turning his gaze once, he stood before Kyle in one step. He hugged Kyle, who was just looking at him. 


"My son. Are you not hurt?" 


To that ripe, warm voice, Kyle raised his head and smiled broadly. 


"Yes, father. Did you enjoy the show?" 


For a long time, he felt a strong gaze. This snake-like clan leader had been watching me from the beginning. 


Now, Zahar's face, which was slowly hardening, was finally worth seeing. 

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