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Magic is Far Fist is Near Chapter 8

Updated: Jan 4

Five years of monster hunting. 


Kyle often saw Lavida's training disguised in eccentric acts during that time. 


The knight struck him with his sword, but his body didn't even budge. He let his magic hit his bare skin and even tried to punch down a mountain. 


Lavida's behavior was entirely beyond reason, but his body could withstand it all. So, Kyle couldn't understand what he was seeing now. 


"I'm feeling pretty good today." 


"Yeah. I think it's because Levido is so warm. I think I can push myself a little harder." 


"Hey, it's almost the end of the training day. Take it easy. If you get injured, who's going to take responsibility?" 


Two days after arriving in Levido, the seeds from the indirect branch came one after another and began training in the training hall. They were only tapping the training dolls with their weapons in a monotonous way. This was not the kind of training that was appropriate for the Lutentus. Even considering the effects of the Chains, they were not receiving proper training. 


On the other hand, Kyle wore heavy iron armor that weighed him down. He had found it in the armory the day before. It was a crude armor with no flexibility, only adding weight. It seemed to have been made for training, but it was left in the corner of the armory because no one used it. He must have spent an hour cleaning off the rust and polishing it. 


Normally, he would have strengthened the Chains, but he needed to be mindful of the people around him. So, he focused on increasing the actual weight. 


Kyle lay on the machine and lifted the barbell. The barbell had iron weights the size of a child's body on either end. 




The armor's seams began to crack, hindering his movement. If he was a Lutentus, he would have to push through such obstacles to promote growth. 




The pressure that started from his shoulders stimulated his entire body, but his body did not shake. Even when he was undergoing intense training, it was important for him to maintain a steady posture. 


"Wow. How the hell did you lift that?" 


It was Molson, who had been following him around like a puppy since yesterday. 


"It would be strange if I couldn't lift it." 


"Doesn't the Chain put too much strain on you?" 


"It's okay to take a break after every five sets." 


At first, he only spoke formal greetings, such as "Have you eaten?" or "The weather is nice today," and that was only occasionally. But now, he was chattering away nonstop. He was so cheerful that it was hard to believe he was the same guy who had been hanging around Miley. 


He also reminded him of his student, Celine, who had reached the top at an early age. She also followed him around and asked him questions without hesitation. 


'Such a nuissance.' 


He didn't chase him away because he wasn't really interfering with his training. Molson suddenly approached the machine and whispered. 


"Kyle! What I'm about to tell you is confidential." 


"Okay, just tell me away from here." 


Kyle put the barbell down and stood up. He was annoyed, but Molson had given him useful information before. He was from a region close to Levido, so he knew a lot. 


Molson scanned the area with his eyes and whispered. 


"I know why Miley's not here today." 


"I don't really care." 


"Since you're also involved in this, you should hear it out. Actually, I met Lord Han-ya yesterday. What I saw there was... 


Molson detailed what he had seen yesterday. He described how Miley, nearly unconscious, was carried out of the room in Berto's arms, and even mentioned the reddish-brown stains on the chair. 


'Did they do something terrible to a young child?' 


Considering what Miley was doing, it was not surprising that he had a reason for doing it. 


"But that doesn't make what Miley did to you okay." 


Molson's face was dark as if he felt compassion. 


"I know. It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I felt a little better too. But we're from the same place. I wish we could have been friends." 


The more he talked, the more he reminded me of Celine. Celine was always protecting the people at the tower who were jealous of her. There were also many people who tried to take advantage of her kindness. It was always up to Yuriel to protect her. 


She was once a kind and compassionate person, but she may have left Andoria in disgust after realizing the true nature of humanity. 


"Haha. You don't have to look at me so pitifully, Kyle." 


"I wasn't looking at you that way. I have no reason to." 


"Every time I say something like this, my sister used to tell me. To talk about peace, you need to become strong first! Like you, Kyle. So, Hanya might also to you... Ah! She told me to keep this a secret!" 


The boy's eyes widened in shock. Kyle chuckled. It was an ancient tradition for talkative people to accidentally reveal secrets. 


Besides, if it was Han-ya, it must be related to why he called him yesterday. Even if it's not important information, the more information you have, the better. 


Molson scratched his head with both hands and said. 


“Ugh······ Fine! Since it's your story, what's the point of keeping it a secret? I'll just keep it a secret from other people!" 


Molson started to talk, as if he was watching the birth of a rumor. 


If you ignore the unnecessary words in the middle, there are two pieces of information worth listening to. One is that Han-ya has high hopes for Kyle himself, and the other is that there is a rule that Seeds cannot be touched. 


The fact that Han-ya has high hopes for him is not different from saying that she is watching him closely. It was something he had already guessed, so it wasn't surprising. The important thing is the second one. 


'So, Seeds have some protection.' 


He still didn't know what political relationships were involved in Lutentus, and he couldn't be sure how far the suppression would go. Maybe if he became strong enough to be untouchable in time, but for now, he needed to be careful. 


In particular, Han-ya is from the Tabas family, who are known for their assassination skills. It may be a needless worry, but he always assumes the worst, even at the slightest sign. This is a habit he developed from his time in the tower, where intrigue was common. 


Molson added that the rule was set by the head of the family, so no one could break it. Of course, I don't believe that blindly. Rules are made to be broken. However, if the other party also has to take on that risk, they will have to be more careful and will need time. 


"But you've really never heard of it? Even the kids from the border participating in the liberation know this much." 




The only way to hear news from Levido in Nava was through Milia. She had been active in Levido for as long as Kyle had been alive, so she wouldn't have known anything about recent years. 


"That was useful information. Thanks. Let me know if you need any help." 


"Um, well, maybe······!" 


Molson grabbed the hilt of his sword as if he had been waiting for that very word. 


"Can you help me with my swordplay? I want to be strong like you." 




Kyle shook his head at the sudden request. He then said to Molson, who looked disappointed. 


"You don't have the basics down." 


Molson smiled bitterly at Kyle's firm tone. He knew it himself. He had never held a sword properly before he was thirteen, and even after that, he had never received proper training. 


No, it was only natural because he hadn't put in the effort. It was already too greedy to hope for a stroke of luck now. He didn't want to show Kyle a pitiful sight, so he forced a smile. 


"So, that's it······? Haha. Did I make a pointless request······? Right?" 




Kyle began to disassemble the armor he was wearing. And he handed Molson the armor, which was made to restrict his body. 


Yuriel never turned away those who sought his teaching with a desperate heart. He had experienced a more desperate heart than anyone else, so it was something he could not allow himself to ignore. The heart does not change just because the body is different. 


Molson, wearing the armor, slumped his shoulders under the weight. He was still confused and had a blank expression on his face. 


"Why is this······?" 


"Lie down here." 


Kyle pointed to the machine he had been lying on. The machine seemed to be sinking on one side under the weight of the barbell. 


"When I say one, you lift it up. When I say two, you lower it down." 


Molson, who had somehow lain down on the machine, blinked his eyes. 


"One. What's going on? It's not coming up." 




"Two. Slow down." 


That's how the change began. 



"Phew! Ha······ Phew! Ha······.” 


On the third day of training under Kyle's guidance, Molson could now maintain a decent form. The weights he had initially needed help lifting were now easily lifted with his own strength. It was a development that no ordinary person could ever replicate, as it was possible only because he was a Lutentus. 


"That's it. Any more and the Chains will be damaged." 




Kyle stood a few feet away, surrounded by the musky sweat emanating from Molson. Even though he was soaked in sweat, Molson's expression was infinitely bright. He could feel his growth over the past few days. 


"Whew, huff. That's amazing. Kyle, how do you know the Chains' limits so accurately? This is the most efficient training I've ever had!" 


"Well, it's right in front of my eyes." Even without trying to see it, Kyle's eyes could sense the flow of mana. Even now, a faint poison was seeping out of Molson's [Chains]. This would be the limit if Kyle didn't "detoxify" it. 


"It's here that the real growth happens." 


Lutentus bodies repair damaged and broken muscles even stronger. Using his incredible recovery ability, Kyle had always gone through training beyond his limits. 


However, unlike Kyle, other people's Chains did not allow for this. Kyle, who had trained while detoxifying, could only truly feel this when he saw Molson, who was directly experiencing the Chains' restrictions. 


"This is not different from dog collars." 


At that moment, a refreshing scent wafted from behind him. 


"I brought you some clothes to change into." 


When he turned around, Tanya was smiling brightly. She was holding a white linen garment neatly folded in her arms. 


"It smells good." 


"Yes, you are sensitive to smells, aren't you, Lord Kyle? I brought some things from the warehouse, and the scent is really good." 


“······What did you spray?” 


Tanya smiled as if she didn't understand what he was asking. 


"There's nothing particularly bothersome. Good job." 


"Thank you. Oh, by the way, I saw other Seed members on my way here. One of them seemed to have just arrived." 


Molson nodded. 


"If he's coming now, it's probably Gilliam." 




"Yeah. The third son of the sixth concubine. He's the only one who hasn't arrived yet. Gilliam fought a second-class knight last year, but he unfortunately lost. Did you know that only Miley and April are participating in the core tournament this time?" 


Kyle didn't know. He didn't care about it. Molson started talking without waiting for a response. 


"It's rare for people not to choose and liberate like Miley and April. In the frontier, you could say it's practically nonexistent. Excluding the central area, I see Gilliam and Breta as likely candidates for liberation this year. Although both are a year younger than me, they're among the 'hot spring.'" 


"What is 'hot spring?'" 


"Kyle······ You really know nothing. The children of the sixth to tenth concubines chosen by the head of the family are called 'hot springs.' They come from all over, but they have grown up in good environments and with good teachers since childhood. Of course, they're not your opponents, but still." 


Is there another division besides dividing wives and children into core and indirect branches? It was a matter that Kyle could not understand at all. 


"Of the children from the more remote provinces, the only ones who have a chance are, umm······ maybe Bipar, Ormang, and Siri? Of course, even they would be hard pressed if they were selected by the core branch······" 


"How does the selection work?" 


"The core branch can choose in order of rank. In this year's case, it would be April, then Miley. If you win the duel, you can continue to nominate the next opponent as many times as you want. I did that to Miley last year······ Kyle." 


As if he had made a decision, Molson's throat gulped. 


"I won't run away this time. Even if Miley nominates me, even if I can't be liberated in the end. That's what it means to be a Lutentus." 


That's what it means to be a Lutentus. Not being able to remove the Chain at the age of 17 meant not being recognized as a Lutentus. It was like being told to live like a prisoner for the rest of his life under the influence of the shackles tattooed on his back. It was not the time to be simply arrogant. 


"Molson. Don't think you're anything just because you've been training for a few days. You won't win. Do you want to rot in that prison for the rest of your life?" 


Molson bit his lip. It was clear that he was angry, but he couldn't say anything. The gap between him and Miley was something that had been established since birth, and it couldn't be closed with just a few days of practice. 


What would Lavida say if she saw this ugly custom? 


'Was this all you wanted, to leave only strong descendants behind?' 


Is Molson's talent lacking? No. His intuition is superior to Miley's, and he is so determined that he does not complain even when training to his limits for days. 


Lutentus is divided into three classes: Core, hot springs, and indirect branches. The environment they are given varies depending on their class. As a result, the gap between them is bound to widen. Even if a talented Lutentus comes from the indirect branch, they will be bound by this 'system' and become obsolete. 


Whether they are from the core or the indirect branch, the fact that they wear Chains is just a flimsy excuse. Their starting points were different. In the end, liberation is nothing more than a means of controlling the indirect branch. 


It was ridiculous. That those who were born with the name Lutentus were doing such pathetic things. 


"Molson. Where is April now?" 


"Wh-what do you mean by that?" 


"I will make her nominate me." 


His calm heartbeat quickened, and his blood heated up in a surge of emotion. 


He knew that rash actions would draw the attention of people like Han-ya, and he would have to bear unforeseen risks. But Kyle decided to accept it. 


"I will nominate all those who see the liberation of others as a form of entertainment, regardless of whether they are from the core branch or the hot springs." 


Because he is also a Lutentus. 


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