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Seven Seas' Exciting Haul: 1 New Light Novel and 4 Manga Series Announced!

Seven Seas Entertainment Expands Catalog with Exciting New Titles

Seven Seas Entertainment, a leading publisher of manga, light novels, and original comics, has announced the acquisition of several new titles to its diverse catalog. This expansion includes a mix of genres and formats, showcasing the company's commitment to providing a wide range of content for readers.

Among the newly licensed titles is Kyō Ayano's The Strange House manga, an adaptation of the original novel by Uketsu. Set to be released physically in August, with a digital version also available, the story delves into the occult and supernatural mysteries. The narrative follows a consultant drawn into investigating a peculiar house with a room that defies normal logic, promising a tale filled with dark secrets. The original novel gained popularity and led to a live-action film adaptation that premiered in Japan on March 15.

I Abandoned My Engagement Because My Sister is a Tragic Heroine, but Somehow I Became Entangled with a Righteous Prince is another intriguing addition. This light novel and manga series, penned by Fuyutsuki Kōki with illustrations by Haduki Futaba and adapted into manga by Masuke Mawata, tells the story of Leia, whose life takes a dramatic turn when her engagement is broken off. Her interaction with Crown Prince Eric, who is keen on discovering her true nature, weaves a narrative of intrigue and romance. The light novel is set for an October release, with the manga adaptation following in September, both available in digital formats as well.

Seven Seas also introduces Monster Marriage Shop (Monster no Konkatsuya-san) by Kaworu Watashiya. This manga, part of the Ghost Ship imprint, explores the unique concept of matchmaking in a town inhabited by supernatural beings. With its September release, readers can anticipate a blend of humor and unusual romantic entanglements. The story centers around Nakao Yuto, who becomes a sought-after matchmaker for supernatural singles, marking a departure from traditional manga themes.

Chotto Dake Ai ga Omoi Dark Elf ga Isekai Kara Oikakete Kita, by Nakanosora, is another exciting title joining the Seven Seas lineup. This manga follows Hinata, a hero who returns to Earth after defeating the Demon Lord, only to find his life complicated by his dark elf companion, Mariabelle, who follows him from another world. Set for a September release, this story combines elements of fantasy, romance, and comedy.

Additionally, Seven Seas has licensed the boys' love Chinese manhua series I Ship My Rival x Me by PEPA and Qualia, further diversifying its offerings.

These new acquisitions by Seven Seas Entertainment reflect the publisher's ongoing effort to cater to a broad spectrum of reader interests, ensuring there's something for everyone in their expanding library.

Source: Press release

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