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Book advocates! Let’s help each other grow! 

If you are a book reviewer looking for their next read or a voracious reader who wants to jumpstart their reviewing influence, we can help each other out!
Read our books, leave your reviews, and reap the rewards*!

*Get a FREE digital copy of the book & up to $9 Amazon cash for leaving a review! 

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General Gion, loyal to the White Flower Kingdom, seeks revenge after his loved ones are killed by the King. He awakens a century later to find the kingdom in ruins.

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AmazonATF1 copy.webp

Raised by swindlers, Junwoo used his acting talent for scams until facing dire consequences. Given a second chance, he aims to leave crime behind and pursue acting.

PDTMAmazonComingSoon copy.webp

Please Don't Talk to Me

Woogi, a quiet girl misjudged as snobbish, becomes a security guard to avoid people but ends up in awkward situations. She meets Dongju, a troubled college alcoholic. They make a deal: Dongju handles people, Woogi lets him drink in the office. This changes their lives as they grow closer.

Coming Soon

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