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Castle in the Time

Jiao Jiao


Castle in the Time. Jiao Jiao. Castle in the Time novel version. Translated to English. Xu Zhen and Gu Chi Jun are holding each other close and endearingly.

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Alternative title:

City of Time
Shi Guang Zhi Cheng
Time City
Ai Yu Man Sen Lin

Synopsis of Castle in the Time

An unlikely romance blossoms between Xu Zhen, a bright and determined paleontology student, and Gu Chi Jun, a famous actor with a wounded ego.

Xu Zhen takes a job as Gu Chi Jun's personal assistant at Jiang Ye Entertainment, her mom's company, after a chance encounter leaves her privy to a humiliating moment for the actor.

|Intrigued by her optimism and resilience, Gu Chi Jun warms up to Xu Zhen despite his initial attempts to intimidate her into silence. However, their budding romance becomes entangled with a dangerous conspiracy within the company, threatening Xu Zhen's safety.


Chapter Number
Publish Date
Castle in the Time
Summer Farewell
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