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Her Little Dimples

Qing Qing de Mao


Her Little Dimples. Qing Qing de Mao. Novel. Book version. English translated. Xie Ci and Xu You sticking out their tongue to a frozen pole.

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Alternative title:

Shining Days, Ta De Xiao Li Wo , 她的小梨渦

Synopsis of Her Little Dimples

“When I first met you,
I never thought you would be so attractive;
I never thought you would make my mouth water…”
One day, a problematic teenager with a bad temper met a timid transfer student from the south…
All the classmates have been wildly spreading the news that the extremely handsome boy in the class, Xie Ci, was interested in the transfer student.
When Xu You was doing self-study in the morning one day, she found a note on her desk:
We northerners have a bad temper~

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