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The Best B-Rank Mage

Morville K.

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Synopsis of The Best B-Rank Mage

C-rank Mage: Able to create potions, perform scrying and divinations
B-rank Mage: Able to perform elemental spells
A-rank Mage: Able to perform more complex spells such as transformation, transmutation magic
S-rank Mage: Able to perform abstract spells like time magic and reality spells

Gus, a mage guard, is stuck at being a B-rank Mage ever since graduating from the Magic Academy. However, in an incident, he attempted to perform a time spell which backfired and caused him to travel back into the days where he is still a student in the Magic Academy.

Equipped with his years of training as a B-rank Mage, he plans to change his fate and become the ultimate S-rank Mage!



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