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The King of Detectives

Yu Qing Ren


The King of Detectives by Yu Qing Ren. Read The King of Detectives English Translated Novel. A silhouette of a man wearing a detective's cloak similar to a noir film is walking through the rain.

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Synopsis of The King of Detectives

After witnessing a mysterious event and falling into a coma, Han Yun awakens with a newfound sharpness of mind and the ability to deduce and reason. He puts his newfound skills to the test by entering Beidu Satellite TV's "Ultimate Brain" competition, where he emerges victorious.

His remarkable abilities catch the attention of the police, who recruit him as a "case consultant." After assisting in the successful resolution of several cases, Han Yun is cast as the lead role in the TV drama "The King of Detectives." The show becomes an instant hit, propelling Han Yun, with his handsome looks and extraordinary mind, into overnight stardom.

Despite his outward success and fame, Han Yun harbors a deep inner turmoil. He is not the real Han Yun; he is merely trapped in Han Yun's body.

Read The King of Detectives English Translation.

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