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“I am inside an aquarium. There is no water in my aquarium. Instead, it contains old silence and habitual resignation."


Woogi, an extremely quiet girl, is having difficulty socializing with her peers. It doesn't help that the people around her misinterpret her quiet and cold facade as snobbery. Because of this, she opts to work as a security guard to avoid people but soon finds out she is gravely mistaken, getting herself into difficult and awkward situations.

That's where she meets Dongju, a college alcoholic boy, who is troubled by his past. He drinks more soju than water to distract himself. The two, aware of each other's issues, form a secret deal. Dongju will help Woogi handle the pesky people while Woogi will allow Dongju to drink comfortably in the security office. Never could they imagine that this deal would change their lives as they got to learn about each other more deeply than anyone before.

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